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14 September 2011 @ 02:41 am
Fic: Rain Dance (Reyes)  
Title: Rain Dance
Fandom: The X Files
Characters: Reyes
Prompt: #003 Element
Word Count: 383
Rating: G
Summary: Water pelted down, splashing the streets and wetting the sidewalk.
Notes: Written for xf_15_fics on 11/9/11.

Water pelted down, splashing the streets and wetting the sidewalk. It matted her hair to her face; long tendrils hung limp across her cheeks. Her tongue poked out and caught a drop as it trailed down her face.

No one else was out. They were all indoors where it was warm and dry. They were, she thought fleetingly, boring and too affected by civilisation to take a step back from it all and enjoy life for a change. They were ruined. Jaded.

If there was anything she wanted to avoid, it was becoming like that. And so she stood in the rain, swaying a little from side to side, arms by her sides and face up to the sky. Her eyes were closed.

And then she heard footsteps. Straightening, she opened her eyes. Scully stood a little bit away from her, a bemused expression on her face. She held an umbrella over her own head, and when she smiled, Scully gestured her over.

"You'll catch a cold if you stay out much longer," Scully said, not forcefully but with a motherly edge about it. Her voice was just loud enough to hear over the rain.

She shrugged. "It'll be worth it. It hasn't rained like this in months!"

"True as that may be, we have work to finish. I have a towel inside."

The rain continued to pour down. Scully waited patiently beneath her umbrella.

Tilting her head up again, she smiled into the rain. "You go ahead. I'll take a shower and meet you in the basement in a half hour."

"Great," Scully said. "See you then." Without another word, Scully headed off, likely to find warmth inside like the rest of the city.

She remained on the spot, watching Scully walk away, and then she patted her arms down, causing the rain water to drip down to the ground in wet splatters.

She breathed in the fresh air, knowing it would be the last time she'd get a chance until the end of the case. Nothing was quite like the smell of rain.

She sighed and started the walk to the locker room. As refreshing and vibrant as standing in the rain could be, there was work to be done. And even she had to get back to reality on occasion.